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  • I first purchased a single sided loobman for a Suzuki SV650S back in 99 after seeing an advert and article in MAG magazine, I then fitted a double sided to the CBR when I changed bikes in 02. Top product I have not had to replace a chain since purchasing one. - David A. Essex.
  • When l received the kit it looked a bit Heath Robinson , but like the ad it did what it says on the tin. a fraction of the price of a well known brand and it can use any old oil, so it recycles, sort of. No spray on my rear tire and just enough to keep the links looking wet. worth the money so ordered two more, nuff said. - Ron G. in England
  • Very simple and real bargain. Low-tech but highly functional with a small price tag, brilliant! - Michael (
  • Best Investment I ever made, it is and does everything they say! - TWSTA (The Horse)
  • Had a LOOBMAN fitted by the inventor to both the Divvy and the Trumpet which works fine and uses ordinary engine oil at a fraction of the cost of a Scxxxoiler. - Portos (
  • My friend has one fitted. He won a Scxxxoiler in a raffle about a year ago but decided that it was too much hassle to fit when he`s already got the LOOBMAN on there. - Peter (RatBikeZone)
  • The LOOBMAN gets my vote for superb value for money! - Nippy (
  • The device can be fitted to any bike with a chain in about twenty minutes (at least that's how long it took me) and the simplicity of it shines through. - Roger Tuson (Riders Digest)
  • I wanted a Scxxxoiler for years. Loobman made me glad I didn't get one. It's great! - John Dees (eBay)
  • Works like a champ! Thanks - Roger (Texas)
  • Well after a few months of using the Loobman Chain Oiler I'm very impressed. My new chain is nice and oily in all this weather. I'm happy to recommend your product and give it a high score as a simple, well designed and very effective Chain Oiler. As an engineer I'm impressed by the well thought out and yet simple design. - Simon. (Hertford England)



When we first came up with the D.S.D. (Double-Sided oil Delivery) concept in 1997 we contacted some of our competitors to ask why they were not already using such a system. The replies we received ranged from 'There's no need' to 'It's not worth doing' and even 'It can't be done'. In 1998 we went ahead and did it!

In January 2002 one of the worlds largest manufacturers of motorcycle chainoilers introduced a dual feed system to their product range! In 2004 a second company also produced a dual sided feed. Both of these rather complicated units supply oil to the two sides of the sprocket, both cost more alone than the entire Loobman chainoiler unit. Neither can match the Loobman for its price nor indeed its simplicity

After giving the world "Proof positive that you don't need dual feed" in 2007, another company produced a dual feed in 2009. This one almost matched us for price and simplicity. How? Easy! They copied us! They used our wire support.

But they also used a technology we had rejected long ago. An on/off tap. We had passed on the idea because we kept forgetting to turn it off.

Loobman. Simple, original  ideas. Dual sided delivery for example.