About Loobman

Loobman is a small company which was set up in the last century by a chap called Dennis (that's me).

I've always loved bikes (I don't have a car licence) and I've been a motorcycle courier since 1986.

After several years of riding shaft driven bikes I decided to ride a sports bike for a while. In 1995 I bought a Suzuki GSXR1100 but I soon got tired of lifting the back wheel off the ground to oil the chain every morning and I started thinking of easier ways to do it, like an onboard chainoiler for example.

Chainoilers were going for silly money in those days because everyone wanted automation. The cheapest one on the market was £40 as I remember and this was for an inertia device which most reports said wouldn't always shut off properly so it left puddles.

I started using a squeezy plastic bottle and a tube to run oil onto the side of the sprocket. It was dirt cheap, but it worked and several of my mates on the courier plot asked me to make them one as well so I bought a 'job lot' of bottles.

I was a member of the MAG organisation so I took out an ad to start selling the bottles in their monthly paper and pretty soon I had started a small business.

By this time I had already worn out a couple of chains on the GSXR and I realised that there was a fault with my oil delivery system because, while the o-rings on the outside of my chain were like new, the ones on the inside were running dry, so they were wearing out quickly.

I started looking for ways to deliver oil to the inside of the chain as well as the outside.

In 1998 I took out a bank loan and had an injection mould made in order to manufacture a complete chainoiler which I called the Loobman "Squeeze and go".

It featured a 'squeezy bottle' and what was apparently the world first dual sided oil delivery. The delivery used simple cable ties to guide the oil from the delivery head downward onto the two sides of the sprocket.

As long as it was correctly fitted (pointing steeply downward) it worked brilliantly and soon the idea was taken up by at least three other chainoiler manufacturers, however all of these units used a 'specialised' delivery head to split the oil into two flows so in the case of a problem the user would have to go back to the manufacturer for parts. The 'user friendly' Loobman uses simple cable ties.

The squeezy bottle was moderately successful but it could be messy if squeezed too hard and in 2010 another bank loan saw the introduction of the Loobman AB chainoiler. This was a re-think of the oil reservoir which now features a valve to control the oil flow. It's not only much faster but also much cleaner because oil is better contained within the unit. This means it won't get oil on your hands.

Besides it has faster oil transportation and because so little oil is used, there is far less chance of it dripping when you stop.